“I Hope You Like My Present” Production Diary Part 2

Unlike the night before the first day of shooting, I had the perfect opportunity for some sleep. Unfortunately that didn’t quite happen. Not to go deep into it but I don’t know if it was what I ate that day or something else going on with ┬ámy body, but I was stricken with stomach problems […]

“I Hope You Like My Present” Production Diary Part 1

Despite my wishful thinking, last Thursday and Friday was supposed to be spent cleaning and decorating the condo for our short. While I did manage to clean every room, being able and having the time to completely decorate on my own as it became 10:30pm Friday night I knew just wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately, […]

And We Are A Go

As some of you know,ever since late October Clerestory Productions has been putting the wheels in motion to do a holiday imoprov short film. Despite wanting to do something that didn’t require such extensive planning as our previous film “Don’t Be Scared”, this film entitled “I Hope You Like My Present” has been anything but […]