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Clerestory Productions has been in existence for a little over two years. In that time span, we have produced and helped produce six short films, soon to be eight. While we have ventured in the world of social media with our Twitter and Facebook pages, one thing we have needed to do but neglected is to create and update a blog of all our ventures.

What’s the purpose of the Clerestory Productions Blog?

This blog will serve as a film journal. We will update you on our latest projects in pre-production, production and post-production. In addition, we will update you on the latest festival appearances our films have entered. We also might add some interesting tidbits, facts and film techniques from time to time as well.

Why now?

While there have been plenty of opportunities in the past to launch a blog, the main reason we decided to launch it now opposed to any other time is because we are on the final stretch of pre-production for our next short film “Don’t Be Scared.” Because of this, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to start blogging about our processes, so be sure to keep an eye out this week as there will be plenty of updates from story overviews, crew updates, location and actor teasers as well as production entries as we shoot from the 18th-20th.

Who will be blogging for Clerestory Productions?

For the most part this blog will come from Clerestory Productions co-founder, writer, producer and director Simon Mounsey. However, from time to time there might be the occasional entry from other crew members.

One final note:

We will try to update this blog as often as possible. There will be times like this week where there will be an excessive amount of entries, but there will be lulls in between films where there won’t be a whole lot going on. Lastly, by all means feel free to comment on all of our entries. We want to hear your feedback. Also, if you want to get involved in our films whether you’re crew, an actor or have a project you’d like us to help with, feel free to email us at either of the two following emails:

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