Gearing Up

Today is the day Clerestory Productions will go into production for our latest short film “Don’t Be Scared.” Words cannot express the level of excitement that is passing through my body at the moment. We have our cast, our crew and as of last night we got our camera package…

Black Magic Cinema Camera


As I said in the previous post, I typically am not the technical one of the crew, but I will say that everything I’ve heard about this camera is absolutely incredible. Up until now we have used the 5D camera on our shoots. While our stuff has looked pretty damn good in the past, the picture quality you will see for “Don’t Be Scared” will be a drastic increase.

There’s a reason for that though. This script is highly visual, and we didn’t just want to shoot it on our typical camera. No, we felt it was imperative to get something of higher quality to make those visuals even more striking. This is why for the first time we elected to rent a camera for the shoot.

Beyond our new camera, we also have a new toy that JD Scruggs created…


A jib created by JD Scruggs


One thing “Don’t Be Scared” calls for is a moving exterior shot (and that’s all I’m giving away). The only way to do this is with a jib. While we took a look at some rentals, we felt it would be more efficient and budget conscious to create our own. This is the main shot of the evening tonight, and I will say I’m both nervous and excited about it (as it probably will take some time to get down).

Beyond that, Matt Mickelsen, our on set sound guy went on an audio buying spree a few months ago to get his own equipment, thus “Don’t Be Scared” will be the first film utilizing said equipment. While there isn’t a TON of audio to be caught on this short, I am looking forward to better sounding audio on this shoot (not that past shoots were bad but you get the idea…)

Just to be on the safe side, JD and I loaded all lights, stands and everything else under the sun into our vehicles. Due to that, I would be lying if I’m not a little freaked to drive considering my car now looks like this…




And here I am now a few hours away from shooting. “Don’t Be Scared” will definitely be an interesting experience. It definitely will be a different shoot for me. For one, I will be directing someone else’s script (something in previous years I wasn’t so keen on doing). It also will be different location-wise using someone else’s home. Enough of my yacking though, time to get on the road…

– Simon Mounsey, Producer/Director for “Don’t Be Scared”


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