A Big Thank You To AK Portraits

As some of you may have been wondering, the Clerestory Productions Blog has been at break for a few weeks. Reason one is that we were filming “Don’t Be Scared” from October 18-20 and while I wanted to do updates during filming, there simply was no time for it.

The second reason why I haven’t is that I wanted all of our production stills to get back before going in depth with the production process to give you more of a visual instead of stories and descriptions. Finally we do have all photos in our possession and there is no one I’d like to thank more for that than Agnieszka Kedzior of AK Portraits who not only took a plethora of photos of every crew member and cast member during production but also was a huge help in producing the most important prop in the film:


This is a photo that appears multiple times in “Don’t Be Scared.” It’s a photo of the two characters in the film many years prior when Catherine had just graduated college, which of course is attended by her Uncle John (pictured). In fact, the photo represents five years prior to the setting in the film and plays many important roles in the film beyond set dressing.

Angie did a beautiful job of this photo and I will say the film wouldn’t have that next level of class without the quality of this photo.

As for the shoot itself, we were very fortunate to have fantastic weather. This day was less than a week out prior to the film shoot and had it been raining, we would have had to take this inside of the College of DuPage (where this was shot) and most likely wouldn’t have had the same shine to it.

We also lucked out that Eleni Masouras (Catherine) had her very own graduation robe, which meant we didn’t need to go through the trouble of finding a prop gown. This only added to the legitimacy of the photo.

Now a word of warning to any of you other filmmakers out there. If you need a photo prop in your film, do not assume it will be easy to produce. Get a professional photographer and be sure you know how it will be printed. I’d be lying if I said the production of this photo didn’t take some time to produce.

At first I figured it would be easy and could go to Walgreens. When I did, it honestly looked terrible. To boot, Walgreens doesn’t have matte printing. Speaking of which, if you need photos in your film, make sure you do matte. If you do gloss, it will glare like crazy.

So how did we accomplish this feat? I went to a professional photo store, in this case PJ’s Photo in Glen Ellyn, IL. Believe me I tried going to places like Kinkos, Office Depot and other local photo places. None of them had matte printing. Bottom line? Know what you’re doing before producing a photo prop.

At the end of the day I want to give one final thank you to AK Portraits for such a fine job on our photo prop and the many productions stills shot during production (which will be seen in future blogs) as well as our main Facebook page for Clerestory Productions. By all means, if you like the photo above and below (as well as the many to be seen in future blogs) feel free to contact Angie here.


– Simon Mounsey, Director/Producer of “Don’t Be Scared”

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